Artistry in Motion: Elevating Yacht Interiors with Masterful Transformations

Luxury yachts, with their elegant interiors and designs, are a symphony of sophistication. Yet, even the grandest of vessels evolve over time and prompt the need for interior modifications.

Classic Yacht Shipwrights stands as the forefront of orchestrating full and part interior modifications. From cabin conversions to bespoke furniture, our mastery encompasses every facet of interior refinement.


Navigating the Seas of Interior Excellence

1. Cabin Conversions: Crafting Personal Sanctuaries

Cabin conversions are the cornerstone of interior transformations, breathing new life into existing spaces. Our carpenters and joiners expertly reimagine cabins to match your owners vision, whether it’s refitting from a sleeping quarter to a cosy lounge or creating a serene retreat within a former storage area.

2. Bespoke Furniture: Crafting Dreams into Reality

The essence of luxury lies in the bespoke. Our craftsmen weave your desires into reality, creating new furniture that encapsulates your owner’s style and taste or developing existing furniture seamlessly. Each piece becomes a work of art, harmonising with the yacht’s interior while reflecting your distinct identity.

3. Harmonising Upgrades: A Seamless Integration

The beauty of interior modifications lies in the integration of new elements with existing ones. We collaborate with premier finishing companies to ensure upgrades and modifications seamlessly match the yacht’s existing woods and finish.

4. Veneer Work and Repairs: Preserving Elegance

Wooden veneers are a hallmark of luxury interiors. Understanding what wood a veneer is made from and matching it is an art that comes through experience. Our expertise extends to veneer work and repairs, ensuring the preservation of elegance.

5. Interior Repairs and Tweaks: Nurturing Perfection

Over time high end finishes become worn and our joiners and carpenters can help maintain the your interiors through repairs. From addressing push buttons, catches, and hinges, to servicing and renewing, we can revive every corner of your yacht’s interior.

6. Corian and Stonework: Find expression in our work

We bring Corian to life with new installations, repairs, and polished refinements. New marble installations echo opulence, enriching interiors with grandeur.

Our carpenters and joiners work with precision and passion to craft interiors. Seize the opportunity to reimagine your yacht’s interior we can guide you through this journey of transformation. Contact us today and experience the evolution of elegance first-hand!