Our Story: Anchoring Tradition, Sailing Innovation

What is the Classic Yacht Shipwright’s story?

It all began with CYS Managing Director, Daniel Hobbs, who grew up on England’s South coast, nurturing a passion for maritime craftsmanship. Inspired by his father’s love for boats, from a young age he transformed Wooden dinghies, eventually getting his hands on wrecks and transforming them into yachts that graced local yacht races.

Following a 4-year apprenticeship at a renowned yacht building and refit yard. Daniel embarked on a decade of travelling, as he became an integral part of yacht crews on both Classic and Modern yachts. This ignited his passion for yacht refits, leading to the birth of Classic Yacht Shipwright’s in the summer of 2003 and a love for Palma de Mallorca.

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Precision Born from Experience: Elevating Yachting Craftsmanship

Furthermore, his subsequent decade-long journey as an integral part of yacht crews on both Classic and Modern yachts provided invaluable insights into the demands of yachts and placed on their crews. This first-hand experience allows us to bring precision and authenticity to our work, addressing the unique challenges that yachts face. It’s this deep-rooted understanding that sets us apart and empowers us to excel in delivering tailor-made solutions for our clients. We believe that a strong foundation built on first-hand yachting experience is the cornerstone of our success in elevating yachting craftsmanship.

We understand the rigors that both yachts and their crew endure, empowering us to deliver solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of today’s busy superyachts and charter seasons.

Located in Palma, our 500m² workshop houses a skilled team of shipwrights and joiners, offering a wide range of services, from intricate interior joinery to monumental refits, encompassing hull and framing structural repairs to complete deck replacements.

Beyond Shipwright experts:

CYS is more than just a shipwright’s workshop; it’s a legacy of passion, innovation, and yachting heritage. Each project at CYS blends tradition and innovation, guided by experts dedicated to yachting excellence.

With over 20 years’ experience in this industry, Classic Yacht Shipwrights is your trusted partner in bringing your yachting ideas and designs to life. Contact us today to begin the journey.