Founder: Daniel J. Hobbs

Founder Daniel Hobbs is a time served Shipwright from the south coast of England. After completing an apprenticeship with a reputable yacht building and refit yard. Daniel has spent 10 years of his career crewing classic and modern yachts.

After founding CYS in 2003 Daniel has become a ‘go to’ source of technical knowledge for the Modern and Classic yacht fleet based in Mallorca. His knowledge of timber, boat building practices, modern yacht design and refit has allowed him to give CYS the edge when assessing what a yacht need’s.

Led by Daniel, CYS has steadily grown in experience and their ability to deliver.

A note from our Founder…

‘We don’t want to be bigger, we want to deliver better quality’…

Palma de Mallorca has become the Mediterranean Mecca for large sailing yachts. We also have an enormous fleet of motor yachts. The conditions in the Balearics for cruising are second to none, great sea breezes, secluded bays, and fantastic infrastructure.

It, therefore, makes sense that refit projects have become the norm during the winter months when the boats aren’t used. The refit infrastructure has grown enormously over the last decade.

Our team in Palma have been trained in different places all around the world. I still work closely with the technical team one on one to continually help develop their (and my own!) experience. We want to work on interesting projects where we can offer value and quality.

There is nothing quite like providing a high-quality solution to a challenge presented to you by a captain or client, standing back at the end and being able to admire the result. All our team here share this enthusiasm – it’s a fantastic environment to work in!

I feel privileged to work with such beautiful materials in this day and age. We have to be very respectful of the planet we live on and work carefully to use materials that are appropriate to their application and don’t cause risk to this world. We try to stay true to this ethos when considering our projects.