Terms and Conditions

All prices are subject to I.V.A. (21%) if applicable. Should the yacht be tax exempt, all necessary paperwork must be provided to CYS prior to invoicing the initial deposit invoice.

The receipt of payment, whether it be deposit or full payment, will be considered acceptance and agreement of all terms and conditions. Any additional work requested will be charged for accordingly. Prices are subject to revision due to unforeseen circumstances, price/budget alterations or design changes.

All quoted works have been priced assuming CYS have full, un-limited access to the areas to be worked on during our working hours. If CYS do not have access to the area/s of work on board the boat or in other workshops during the dates allocated, for any reasons beyond their control, or are delayed due to late payments, the finish date shall be altered accordingly.

Unforeseen hold ups by other contractors having a knock-on effect on CYS scheduling, for example weather impacting paint schedule etc., may result in delays and extra charges. Any damage incurred to our works by others, will be charged as extra.

CYS offer a one-year warranty on all their work and materials. This warranty shall only apply to the work performed & materials supplied by CYS. Notice of complaint in respect of defects and materials supplied by, or in the workmanship of CYS, must be given by the vessel/client immediately upon discovery of such defects and prior to the departure of the vessel.

CYS shall have no liability whatsoever for any consequential loss, damage or expenses in any way deriving from or connected with the above defects and for defects due to normal wear & tear or overloading or due to corrosion of the materials or due to accident, fire, improper stowage of the vessel, mismanagement or negligence in the use and maintenance of the vessel.

These prices are based on working hours between 0730 and 1600, Monday to Friday. Any work requested outside of these days and hours will be charged to the client as an additional cost and at overtime rate. Overtime rate is calculated as time and half of the stated hourly rate, with the exception of Public holidays or Sundays, where the calculation is double the stated hourly rate.

When masking/taping onto existing finishes CYS will take the utmost care, using low tack tape. However, any peeling, lifting or flaking from the existing finishes is not the responsibility of CYS. In the event of any peeling/flaking the resulting repair & refinishing work will be charged for accordingly.

Cleaning after other contractors such as re-cleaning seams after paint or varnish works, cleaning up decks etc. will be charged on a time and materials basis.

Our preferred program of payment is stated at the foot of the quotation. Installment amounts vary depending on the type of works undertaken. Final payments should be made before the boat leaves Palma de Mallorca or current location of vessel when work is completed, unless otherwise agreed.

Late payments after invoice due date will incur a 5% interest rate for every calendar month of non-payment.

For any works requiring sealant CYS require the names and details of the existing products used in seams so that we can use the same product or compatible product when we re-apply the sealant. If these details are not available it will be necessary to take a sample and have it analyzed. The cost of the analysis will be charged separately.

Should a cover be advised in the quote, this is because CYS require the conditions within to be suitably controlled for the works being carried out. Failure to supply a professional cover or if the cover is badly installed (i.e not sealed around masts/shrouds, hardware etc.) it may delay works being carried out. Boats choosing not to have a professional cover could possibly take longer, as the job then becomes weather dependent. As a result, extra charges could occur over and above the quote, due to extra work. For example, drying decking on damp mornings to complete works.

When undertaking jobs where we cannot foresee exactly what the work will entail, for example deck or margin replacement where corrosion is present, we can only quote for what we can see and if we find the sub deck to be in bad condition, charges will be added. This includes extra removal time, re-making and re-laying new sub-deck and/or teak decking etc.

CYS assure you that the highest level of care will be taken with all pieces in our workshop and during our time on board.

Best efforts will be made to match existing woods and veneers, in both colour and pattern. Having said this, due to the nature of wood we are unable to guarantee an exact match.

CYS do carry out paint and varnish works on special request, however, finish coats are normally sent out to one of our associate companies.

CYS quotes are based on our most recent inspection and/or any photos, descriptions or diagrams provided by the client and they are valid for 1 month. Our quotes do not include any shipyard/management commissions or service charges. These should be organized and paid by the yacht, unless specifically stated.

It will be assumed that all plumbing, electrical and engineering work will be arranged by the yacht, unless specifically stated.

All material(s) will remain the property of CYS until final payment is received.