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Bespoke Carpentry Design.

Project Management.




It all begins with an idea.

Maybe you want to refit. Maybe you want to turn a Deck saloon into something more. Or maybe you have a layout change dreamt up by a new owner. Whatever it is, the way CYS can help to develop your concepts can make all the difference.

It all begins with a plan.

Maybe your project requires multiple disciplines or multiple contractors. Maybe you want to keep it ‘all under one roof’. Or maybe you have a shipyard project management team to control the work. However you choose to manage and run your project, CYS can ‘fit in’, ‘work in unison’ or simply take total control.

It all begins with a material.

Maybe you want to replace a deck, a cabin or carry out a complete refit. The investment in change has to enhance the feeling of your yacht. CYS will source exotic materials, create unique finishes and can deliver the level of finish your idea deserves.

It all finishes with a product.

After the concept and design. After the craftmanship is complete. After the product is living and breathing in your yacht. CYS will stand by the work, stand by the finish and be on hand to support you whenever and wherever you require.